Junior Camp

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Age Divisions

There are five age group divisions within Junior Camp, which ensures that campers are placed with children of their own age and experience a program matched to their interests year after year:

PREP: completed Grades 1 through 3
LOWER JUNIOR: completed Grade 4
UPPER JUNIOR: completed Grade 5
LOWER INTERMEDIATES: completed Grade 6
UPPER INTERMEDIATES: completed Grade 7 and Grade 8, depending on maturity level


Campers live, play and learn together in small groups called bunks, consisting of no more than eight campers placed together based on their age and interests. Each bunk group has its own counselor who attends all bunk activities and provides constant and consistent care and attention.

Junior campers live in cabins with up to eight children and two staff members. Cabins for younger campers have bathrooms and showers inside the sleeping areas. For campers ages 10 and up, separate bathrooms are located just outside their cabin. Each age group has its own community of cabins, an activity lodge and a fire circle. Campers are encouraged to be a part of the camp community by helping out with simple clean-up tasks. A small portion of each camper’s day is spent working together with bunkmates to ensure that sleeping and activity areas are tidy. Campers are taught to keep track of their personal belongings, make their beds and keep their clothes organized.


Typical Camp activities include: basketball, softball, volleyball, soccer, arts and crafts, woodshop, dance, drama, music, fishing, hiking, boating, nature, camp crafts, games, challenge course, camp-outs, creative kitchen, farm visits and cook-outs. Camp activities are led by bunk counselors or by specialized activity leaders. Each day, campers also receive American Red Cross swim instruction and have an opportunity for recreational swim.

A highlight of every camp day is Divisional Activity, Vacamas’ evening program which includes an entire age group. A Divisional Activity might be a carnival, talent show, beach party, Olympics, scavenger hunt, or campfire. During special Theme Days – such as Survivor Vacamas, Kung-Fu Panda Day, International Day, Super Hero Day or Medieval Day – campers are encouraged to dress up and get really immersed in the theme.

Daily Schedule

At Camp Vacamas, the daily schedule is designed specifically for each age group to introduce campers to new challenges year after year and ensure cherished memories for a lifetime. A day in Junior Camp provides a balance of activities that engage campers in activities while providing numerous opportunities to develop friendships. Campers have the opportunity to contribute activity ideas and requests. Campers ages 11 and up are able to choose certain activities.

A typical schedule for Junior Campers:

Wake up campers: Shower and get ready for the day.
Round up: Announcements, camp songs and WAKE UP!
Cabin Clean-Up: Make your bed and pick up your socks.
Activity Period One
Activity Period Two
Rest Hour
Activity Period Three
Juice Call: Have some fruit and a drink to keep you going until dinner.
Activity Period Four
Free Hour: Choose your own activity and hang with friends
Divisional Activity: Evenings are special at Camp Vacamas
Milk and Cookies: Discuss the day’s highs and lows
Lights out (exact timing depends on age group)